Glads Announce 17-18 $5 Frenzy Promo Nights

08/09/2017 7:37 AM -

The Gladiators announced their next batch of promotional events for the 2017-2018 season on Wednesday, releasing their plans for their $5 Frenzy nights on January 13th, February 3rd, and March 17th. 

The organization turned the long-standing minor league tradition of fan giveaways on its head back in 2011 with the implementation of the $5 Frenzy Nights. Instead of lesser quality items given away to the first thousand or so fans through the door, the Glads offer high quality items at cost or less-than-cost. No reason to stand in line for an hour hoping to be one of the lucky ones to receive the free item. No hassles if you want to get one for your nephew or grandson, but he is not attending the game. No age limits. Higher quality items without the hassle.

The Glads will kick things off on Saturday, January 13th with a Gladiators Knit Beanie. An item not yet offered as part of the $5 Frenzy program, the January game date will give fans a chance to add to their winter-wear collection with plenty of time to show their team pride before the weather begins to heat up. The already-announced Mesh Replica Jerseys will be available in youth and adult sizes on February 3rd, which is always a fan-favorite and very in-demand item. Finally, on Saturday, March 17th, the team will sell $5 dry-fit shirts. Wildly popular three seasons ago when the team first offered this item, the Glads will bring the staple piece back in a new design. 

(Designs for all three items to be released at a later date.)

If you are interested in planning a group event for one of these $5 Frenzy nights, please contact the Gladiators Front Office at 770-497-5100.

Interested in tickets for one or two of our promo nights? Click HERE to take advantage of a special online-only limited time offer! 


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