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S.L.A.P. Shots Program
Students Learn And Prepare

The Gladiators 2013-2014 "SLAP Shots" Program is designed to help motivate and reward students for their hard work and excellence in Public, Private, and Home Schools.

"One of our missions as the local professional sports team is to continue to make the Gladiators an integral part of the community," states Gladiators General Manager Steve Chapman. "Children are our future and the "SLAP Shots" Program is just one of the many ways we plan to create a presence in Gwinnett and surrounding communities."

The "Hat Trick for Reading” program, sponsored by Suwanee Dental Care, has been designed to help stimulate reading interest in area Elementary and Middle Schools. Students will score a "Hat Trick" and earn (1) Gladiators ticket voucher for reading one set of three teacher-approved books during the school year. This season, "Hat Trick for Reading" Award Nights are Friday October 18th, Saturday October 19th, or Sunday November 3rd. In a change from previous years, the “Hat Trick for Reading” program will incorporate ALL Local Elementary and Middle Schools … Public, Private, and Home School groups. (there will NOT be a stand alone Middle School program this year) In addition, parents and other family members will have the option of purchasing additional game tickets to that same game at discounted prices. (please refer to the promotional outline your school has for complete details and restrictions)

Some local High Schools will have the opportunity to participate in "In the Arena" with the Gladiators this season! Selected High School DECA or Marketing programs will help the Gladiators Staff facilitate our Game Night Promotions and activities on a night that is agreed upon by the School and the Team. Check with your local High School to see if they qualify for this exciting program.

"The programs are designed to compliment each other," said Chapman, "and give students in any grade an opportunity to be rewarded for the hard work they do all year."

In addition to the Academic Programs, schools are encouraged to participate in "School Nights" throughout the 2013-2014 Season. If your band, chorus, or orchestra would like to perform the “Star Spangled Banner,” “Oh Canada,” or “God Bless America” some night, give the Gladiators office a call to check on availability. It's a fun time for students, parents, and staff. The School” FUN Raiser" is a great program for any School that would like to enjoy a night here at the Arena, as well as make some money for a School Program.

An amazing 160+ Schools participated in the "SLAP Shots" Program during the 2012-2013 School Year. (130 Elementary Schools, 30 Middle Schools, and several High Schools) Any School Administrator, Teacher, Media Specialist or PTA Organization who desires to have their students participate is encouraged to contact:

Jim Hall
Director of Community Relations
Gwinnett Gladiators Hockey Club
P.O. Box 957238
Duluth, Georgia 30095
phone: (770) 497-5109
fax: (770) 497-5101